All Australian children coding by 2020!

Emily de la Pena


Coding Kids is developing the next generation of coders, creators, innovators and change makers.


- In-school classes that integrate Digital Technologies with curriculum subjects

- After-school coding clubs

- School holiday code camps

- Tech excursions to learn about state of the art technology (e.g. Holoverse (virtual reality) and Robotic Vision)

- Professional development for teachers

- Demystifying coding courses for parents

Our classes are aligned with the Australian Curriculum.
Our classes are available in Auslan and other signed languages.

In our classes children build their own computer games, animation movies and digital solutions. Through fun and and play children discover computational thinking, design thinking and entrepreneurship.

We run professional development workshops for librarians and teachers including, webinars with the Queensland College of Teachers and Australian School Library Association.

Where - schools & libraries


> school term - during school hours or before- or after-school

> school holiday programmes

How - creating a digital solution, solving community problems, creative and artistic expression, imagination, innovation and collaboration.

Who - Children, parents, teachers, librarians & community

Why - To develop children and communities who are empowered and informed about technology. Technology is a tool for enabling creation and invention. Children become empowered, creative change makers and innovators.

Coding programmes develop a growth mindset. It is not uncommon for students to show their Coding Mentors their code and ask β€œIs it correct?” Students learn to feel comfortable with uncertainty and to test their code. Students learn that receiving error messages from the computer is not a negative experience. It is a part of the learning process which is based on trial and error.

Our programmes develop skills in computational thinking + design thinking + entrepreneurship. We support schools to fully integrate Digital Technologies into the existing curriculum subjects. We create opportunities to extend students beyond core curriculum.

Use of technology is embedded into the development of fundamental skills: Computational Thinking + Design Thinking + Entrepreneurship. We use the following technologies:

  • Scratch
  • Python
  • Makey Makey
  • 3D design with Tinkercad and 3D printing
  • mBot (robot)
  • Arduino

We invest time in the exploration of technologies and how to integrate them into class activities to achieve desired learning outcomes. We can use our lessons learned to develop a digital strategy for the school and broader school community.

Learning to code is a surface skill, the fundamental transferable skills are computational thinking which leads to design thinking & entrepreneurship. The long term impact is developing empowered children who are creators and not just consumers, and children who are change makers and not just adults who seek to be employable.