One Best Photo

Marc Faulder & Mia Richards

Forestry Commission England

One Best Photo is a community engagement project designed between Marc Faulder, Early Years teacher and Apple Distinguished Educator at Burton Joyce Primary School, and Mia Richards, Learning Manager at the Forestry Commission England. The project aims to teach early learning students the relationship between people, wildlife and timber whilst also developing their photography skills. Using PicCollage, children dive deep in to the forest, looking at the whole view as well as texture, perspectives and light. They spend time learning to love nature through a lens and appreciating the beauty of these precious places. Back at school, they take their One Best Photo and display it in a gallery. We also share them online.

This project has had an impact on early writing as children share the story of their forest too. Published in April, this free project has been picked up by teachers across the UK, Australia, Canada and USA already.

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