Fox Blocks UpGrade

Flying Fox Studios

About us

Flying Fox Studios is a creative hub for Brisbane children and teenagers. With a commitment to encouraging creativity through skill development and play, we run regular weekly Kindermusik, Zoom Art and Fox Blocks classes as well as holiday workshops and one-off specialty workshops. We offer a space where children can grow and learn in a relaxed environment that encourages creativity and divergent thinking.

What is the Upgrade program?

Fox Blocks’ UpGrade program is an innovative series of creative construction workshops designed by our Flying Fox Studios education team. Upgrade seeks to put the power of electronics in the hands of everyone regardless of age or technical ability. Run as a series of pop-up style workshops, the program gives children the tools and knowledge to explore design, engineering and electronics in a creative and relaxed environment outside of school. Children can expect to be tinkering, designing and programming using LittleBits electronics combined with Lego, Fischertechnik and everyday items.

What do the UpGrade workshops involve?

Each workshop begins with a hands-on tutorial of the Arduino compatible LittleBits electronic components. Following this, a broad brief is provided to the children to direct their inventions. Children then create a concept and design and then build a prototype. For example, our Father’s Day themed workshop asked the children to reimagine how everyday items could be used in different ways by integrating electronic components. The workshop gave children the chance to design, create, test and reflect on their inventions.

We have been impressed by the creativity and high level of technical ability that children of varying ages can develop in a short amount of time.

What we’ve learnt:

- LittleBits components can be easily customised to suit different ages, with the littlies learning and creating with the components by themselves, while the older kids can use them as a launching pad for more complex learning.

- The integration of electronics with design and engineering in a relaxed, play-based environment has proven to be an effective way of building confidence and technical ability in both younger and older children to understand ideas such as sequencing.

- We strongly encourage the use of teamwork to encourage collaboration between children. This collaborative environment produces a wonderful sense of group accomplishment at the end of the workshop.