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Kathy Shilvock

Fraser Coast Libraries

The evolving landscape of libraries has required innovative approaches to providing access to local history collections. There is a strong demand for technological learning. Our aim was to make the public library a trusted third space. The desire to embrace this has resulted in Fraser Coast Libraries using the platform Historypin. Maryborough Wide Bay and Burnett Historical Society Inc has a large collection of images, including some which relate to the rich musical heritage of the Fraser Coast Local Government Area. Fraser Coast Libraries and the Society have established a partnership in 2015. A project focusing on how local music has contributed to this area’s identity called Local History, Local Music was launched in 2016. This has involved the digitisation of over 20 images and documents and reel to reel music.

Interviewing musicians of the 1950’s playing music in 2016 was also recorded and uploaded. Involving the community in expanding these collections in partners hip with the society, has been facilitated through a Historypin chat group which occurs at the Maryborough Library E-Space once a month. Participation in this project was considered valuable for a number of reasons.

Interviewing musicians of the 1950’s playing music in 2016 was also recorded and uploaded.

Firstly, it was considered that contributions of this project would include finding new information about the topic. Secondly, an increase in awareness of the quantity and quality of Fraser Coast music history and increased access was considered an outcome. Finally, it was considered a wider variety of library customers might engage in the Local History/digital literacy activities. We used face to face events to build a relationship among older uses of communication technology in order to develop confidence. The introduction and scaffolding of this project was embarked upon with a view to encouraging older users to participate in a social, supportive environment. Volunteers at the Maryborough Wide Bay and Burnett Historical Society Inc were trained in scanning an d researching techniques during the research for this project as were Historypin chat group attendees. This Historypin collection is open to other members and the community and they have added images, documents, video and audio to this collection during Historypin chat groups conducted at the library. The investigation of alternate software such as Imovie to create content was conducted. Utilisation of Trove and other online databases assisted in establishing the story behind these images and documents. Content can continue to be added to this project.

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