Jump Start

Adam Jefford

SevenPositive & Pimpama State Secondary College

The Problem

The recent StartupAUS Crossroads report highlighted the urgent demand and need to implement entrepreneurship programs within the Australian education system in response to the disproportionate emphasis placed on only preparing students for the workforce.

Introducing entrepreneurship education across the primary, secondary and tertiary education system would equip young people to start businesses and spur economic growth.

(Part of) The Solution

Jump Start is a 12 week design thinking and social entrepreneurship program which empowers high school students to create prosperous futures.

Jump Start is redefining design thinking and social entrepreneurship education for youth, empowering the next generation to tackle problems and respond with enterprise solutions that create positive futures.

Designed and led by Seven Positive, in collaboration with Pimpama State Secondary College, this innovative educational program creates future leaders, armed with skills and tools to positively impact their communities.

Students are currently engaged in a design thinking process and are responding to the following question with innovative solutions: How might we tackle waste with student-led social enterprise opportunities which benefit the wider community?

The program is structured over a 12 week intensive learning period, which takes students on a journey of deep discovery. Students learn skills and tools which will benefit themselves and the community both now and into the future.

The Impact

  • A student-led project approach creates strong understanding of self & surroundings and capability to confront personal, group and community challenges confidently.

  • Students learn skills, tools and processes to help them understand, rethink and tackle wicked problems. They learn how to prototype, test and iterate ideas in quick learning loops.

  • Students apply their newly learnt design & business start up skills to respond with socially and environmentally responsible, lean enterprise solutions.

Read more about the project, and the student’s projects here: http://www.jumpstartproject.com.au