Learn With the World

Sharee Ineson

Southland Girls High School

This entry reflects our learning as part of the World’s Largest Lesson.

The lesson was created to help launch the new sustainable development goals for our world. http://worldslargestlesson.globalgoals.org/

The goals have become embedded in our Global Minds course Yr. 7-10 which incorporates Cambridge Global Perspectives IGCSE. Our girls use the goals to link their local actions around issues to global targets thus giving learning a deep relevance and sense of purpose.

Our innovative and creative use of technology has two main elements. Firstly linking with schools allows us to gain a deeper cultural perspective on global issues. Linked to this it allows us to develop our global competency skills of perspective thinking, communicating and recognising perspectives .The second main use of technology is to share our learning in creative ways and to extend our audience to a global sector. In essence the use of technology allows us to empower our students to be global leaders of learning.

Values are the beliefs and attitudes you have about how things should be in the world, how people should act in the world and how the important aspects of your life are handled (money, family, relationships, and power, male and female roles).

One impact has been our students seeing that they can use their talents along with creative and critical thinking to make the goals famous. The students have become part of a global network sharing the ambition to end poverty, fight inequality and combat climate change. They are seeing themselves as positive change makers giving their learning purpose and hope that they can be the generation through their active contributions that change the world. A positive impact has been the partnerships we have developed and sharing ideas across these partnerships to deepen understanding of the goals and ways to include in authentic teaching and learning. We have contributed to a New Zealand Education Gazette and to the Cambridge Outlook magazine.

We are sharing a presentation at the New Zealand Association of Cambridge schools in October. Students have also lead learning in their homeroom classes and shared creative presentations created using technology at the New Zealand MADE Awards a nd our local Southern Media Mash.

In 2016 our key three words have been;

  • Invent
  • Innovate
  • Campaign

These link directly to the world’s lesson focus for this year. https://vimeo.com/178464378