Leading me to lead my learning

Paula Jamieson

Te Akau ki Papamoa Primary School

This project shares best practice in the early years within New Zealand’s only Apple Distinguished Primary School, Te Akau ki Papamoa and provides educators the opportunity to immerse themselves in authentic examples of rich learning tasks in the iPad classroom.

Through a series of interactive multi touch books teachers are afforded the opportunity to look, listen, stop and rewind.

The books look at why and how we have supported our teachers and students to succeed in a 1:1 environment and are designed to ensure teachers and students can use a core group of apps across a range of activities that have a direct affect on student engagement, motivation and academic performance. Each book in the series features a different teacher taking you on a panoramic walk through of their classroom highlighting why they have made the environmental choices that they have. The pages on this book are filled with teacher support by way of pop up tips, thoughts, video reflections and a step by step guide through each activity enabling teachers to have a clear understanding of the why and the how.

The 8 activities featured in this first book, "Oral Language in the iPad classroom" are

  • Introducing myself
  • Retelling our big book
  • Reflecting on my reader
  • Sharing my news
  • Creating my work of art
  • Exploring my imagination
  • Expressing my thinking
  • Hunting for words

We initially shared this resource with a group of local schools at an ‘Insight’ school event and then more recently this week at a national E-learning conference where 65 teachers from 60 different schools across the country came to find out more about it and to then share it back within their own schools. We are excited at the potential that this resource has to have a positive impact both on teachers and students globally.

We intend on using these resources to support our teacher initiation process and to go beyond this by making the resources freely available for download on the iTunes stores. The first book in this series, which is now available is Oral Language in the iPad classroom, next to follow will be Reading, Writing and lastly Viewing.

Link to the book on the iTunes Store https://itunes.apple.com/nz/book/oral-language/id1156281502?mt=11