iPad Learning Network

Ben Young

Tech Help Direct

Teachers find it hard to find the time to develop their knowledge and skills in the use of iPads in their classroom. So we have provided an opportunity for teachers to take some time out and attend a local iPad Learning Network workshop for a couple of hours after school. It provides an opportunity for teachers to keep up to date with the latest in iPad technologies for learning. We organise guest speakers who are masters in the use of iPads for learning from both sides of the divide - technical and teacher.

Ultimately it's an opportunity for teachers to network, share and learn from local expertise.

Teachers are skilled, equipped and encouraged to take what they have learnt back to their school to share with others. A local iPad Learning network skills our teachers to provide new and creative learning opportunities for their students. Teachers for the first time feel connected and have access to a wealth of local knowledge around the effective use of iPads in the classroom.

We have been running the iPad Learning Network workshops in the below schools since October 2014

Tweed NSW

Terranora Public School

Kingscliff Public School

Centaur Public School

Tweed Heads South Public School

Lismore NSW

Lismore South Public School

Goonellabah Public School

Port Macquarie NSW

Lake Cathie Public School

Port Macquarie Public School