The Great Zoo Tale

Louisa Kennard

St Hilda's School

The Great Zoo Tale was able to harvest the developing computational thinking skills and extend higher order thinking strategies. By using Taleblazer, an online and freely accessible AR software platform from the MIT Scheller Teacher Education Program (STEP) students designed and coded their own historical maths and science AR trail.

Their first Tales involved the individual coding of simple AR fairy tales designed to engage our younger students by combining our real school landscape and other aspects of the physical environment with additional student created digital information and delivered via the app downloaded to a class set of IPad minis.

The students then collaborated on The Great Zoo Tale that saw them working in groups to create, code and superimpose aspects from the Dreamtime over the Perth Zoo location- including a digital Welcome to Country from Yagan, the son of Midgegooroo and a warrior of his people who were the original custodians on the land on which we gathered to gamify their tale augmented as an Environmental Inquiry with student created science and math content and puzzles.

The TaleBlazer project promotes interdisciplinary, authentic and meaningful engagement from learners with technology and the broader Year 6 curriculum. Accessible to all, this project stimulated the imagination of all learners (young and young at heart alike) encouraging collaboration, success and problem solving.

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