About E20

E20 was founded in Brisbane, Australia in 2013 by Jonathan Nalder and Francis Kneebone. Its goal is to make education better by finding out ‘what does best practice in education look like right now’? To answer this question, E20 has brought together like-minded individuals from all walks of education life and beyond to meet to share ideas, get inspiration and help motivate change in the education landscape. These meet-ups are free to attend but limited to a maximum of 20 people per gathering.

Since 2015, E20 has also run the ‘Best Of’ competition for educators to share their stories of best practice - with this bank of amazing vignettes fast becoming a hugely insightful library of best practice in education examples. These stories are available permanently at http://e20bestof.education and you can also share your story and be in the running by submitting it via this site. Thanks to current supporters Pukunui and Building Block Studio for helping to make this project possible.

In 2016 a new global arm of E20 is being created to take the vision of making education better international. 100 leading educators from 20 countries will work together to be for Education what the G20 is for finance. We believe that examining best practice in education strategy, research, policy and praxis is that important if today’s learners are to succeed in a world being already impacted by new technologies like AI and machine learning.

E20 encompasses: Early Years | Primary and Elementary | Secondary High Schools | Tertiary and Vocational Education | Higher Education and Universities | Museums | Libraries | RTO's | Government | Private Sector

E20 partners with: State Library Of Queensland, EdFutures, Queensland University of Technology Library, the New Media Consortium, Cognition eLearning, JNXYZ.Education, schools, training organisations and more.