Design Thinking & PBL

Brian Host & Johanna Lloyd

Inaburra School

This project was completed by our Year 2 Students during Term 1 and the start of Term 2 2015. During this the students​ engaged,​ explored,​ explained,​ elaborated​ and​ evaluated understanding​s​​ in​ relation​ to​ change​ over​ time.​ Students​​ researched​ changes​ in play and leisure time that​ have​ occurred​ during​ their​ lifetime​ and in​ their​ parents’​ and​ grandparents’​ lifetimes.​ In teams, students​ designed,​ fundraise​d and​ made toys​ to​ be​ sent​ to​ Hope and Care Junior School, Uganda​.​

Pastor Fred the Principal of the school has written to Year 2 via the teachers to request help resource a local Ugandan school with toys. Problem for students "What toy could we design and create to help the children of Hope and Care Junior School?"

The Goals of this Project were to create

Knowledgeable and resourceful thinkers who can...

  • accept responsibility to build their own knowledge

  • develop skills in independent investigation, synthesis and management of information

  • reflect with precision on information, ideas and their own learning

Creative and critical inquirers who can...

  • identify and explore problems, issues and changing circumstances of the world

  • use knowledge and imagination to create products, ideas and solutions

Relational and collaborative contributors who can...

  • understand the power of collaborative thinking and enjoy the results of productive teamwork

Engaged and aware global citizens who can...

  • cultivate empathy towards others
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