Blake Shorter


ScopeIT Education delivers professionally developed computer programming and technology courses directly to Australian schools. Courses include coding, robotics, 3D printing, digital citizenship amongst others and are designed and written around NSW and Australian curriculum outcomes. Founded in Sydney by a team of successful colleagues with a passion for education and technology, the founders understand how important it is that every Australian child, regardless of demographic or socio-economic background has the opportunity to learn the essential skills to become creators of technology, not just consumers.

Learn to code, the language of the future

While ScopeIT Education teaches children to code, the are actually learning the language of the 21st Century. Scopers (Instructors) are trained to instruct and inspire students as young as Grade 1 in learning to design and build apps, websites, robotics and 3D objects. The ScopeIT syllabus also includes courses on digital citizenship to promote safe and responsible internet use.

The future can be bright.

Coding and digital skills go beyond a skill-set for a career in IT, it involves the fundamentals of technological design and applications, incorporating ‘real world’ skill sets like computational thinking, working memory, collaborative problem solving and teamwork. Almost every facet of business today involves technology and computers; a solid foundation in how these technologies are built will improve students’ efficiency and employability. If Australia and New Zealand want to remain competitive and at the forefront of a globalised world, we must improve the technology skills of future generations, starting now.