Tim Klapdor

Charles Sturt University

The u!magine Digital Learning Innovation Laboratory is a think-tank for educational innovation, a catalyst for new scholarship in online learning and a laboratory experimenting in new educational paradigms and technologies. u!magine has been set up within the portfolio of the PVC (Student Learning) to explore the application of new technologies and approaches to teaching practice to underpin new ways of thinking about the design of learning resources, learning spaces and online learning curriculum.

2015 u!magine projects include:

  • SkillBox - The aim of the project is to research, develop and evaluate a set of tools that can be used in tertiary subjects to formatively scaffold the skill base of DE students. The SkillBox instrument uses text, video and quizzes to deliver learning materials and formative assessment to students on a specific topic within a discipline area.

  • Online Problem-Based Learning - This project will explore the use of online problem-based learning as a strategy to enhance learner-learner engagement in distance education

  • Work Place Learning Assessment in the Mobile Age - By helping them to make better use of personal mobile technologies and site available technologies to assess and moderate their learning across the learning spaces (physical/virtual, personal/social, on campus/in workplaces/in other settings e.g. communities).