Online Mentoring Program

VELG Training

In 2015, Velg Training has run the largest VET Mentoring Program in Australia all online. Velg Training is providing such a program to educate, inspire and empower the VET community. We are passionate about online learning and reaching our leaners in a flexible, interactive and enjoyable way.

Ongoing professional development is vital to maintain an individual's skill, knowledge and expertise relevant to the Vocational, Education and Training sector. These Mentoring Programs allow knowledge to be communicated and built upon over the calendar year to enhance an organisation's continuous improvement processes whilst maintaining your individual currency requirements.

All sessions in the Mentoring Program included a pre-recorded webinar and a live webinar. The purpose of structuring the program this way is to ensure that participants get the most out of the program. Having pre-recorded content for participants allowed them to watch the content in their own time over a week. We know that many people in a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) are time poor and we believe that having flexibility is important to learners. Additionally a live Q&A session utilises our expert presenters and gave the opportunity for participants to come prepared to the webinar.

Velg Training has run a comprehensive and successful webinar program for three years and our experience has led us to making these structural decisions.

The webinar program and Mentoring Program is all about fostering engaging and useful discussions in the VET sector while sharing best practice with other Educators and an expert presenter. There have been over 370 participants in the Mentoring Program this year and all have given 5 star feedback for the program, having discussed the importance of Velg Training supporting them throughout the year all through their computer and online. Many love the fact that they are part of a mentoring community and use the program to discuss ideas with others as many participants are based in remote or regional Australia.